Let me make one thing clear: I’m good.

Not great. Good.

I have flat feet and a small chest and big thighs. I am like one of those inflatable clown-bop-bags for children that is bottom heavy with sand and swings back for another punch. My hands should be bigger than they are and my left hip clicks a lot and I have subtle love handles. I’m 6’3 and only dunked twice in my life. But I’m good at basketball. 

I’m good because I lose myself. My consciousness becomes singular. The world doesn’t exist outside of the court. Thinking twice is the bane of all athletes. Not thinking at all is how you achieve glory. Glory through thoughtlessness. Glory through the present in its absoluteness. It’s when I don’t remember who I am that my touch, my shot and decisions are best. When I am most able. 

And it is with this ability that I am going to travel and play basketball on the streets of the world's most cultured and historical cities. 

I will avoid the trappings of existentially loathsome American tourism and, will instead gain entry to authentic veins of culture through fluency in basketball. 

And then I will report to you all my selected experiences and thoughts.